Mandatory winter tires in Luxembourg in case of winter weather conditions

The driving of a motor vehicle on public roads in Luxembourg in winter weather conditions (black ice, packed snow, slush, patches of ice or frost) is only permitted with regulation winter tires (winter tires or “all weather” tires marked “M.S.,” “M+S,” “M&S,” or the alpine symbol), fitted on all the vehicle’s wheels.

With the exception of parked orstationary vehicles on public roads, this includes all drivers:

  • residents;
  • border residents;
  • drivers in transit, etc.

If drivers fail to comply with this measure, they will be issued a warning and fined 74 euros.

The wheels of all driving axles of trucks, buses, and coaches must be fitted with winter tires. The same applies to motor homes with a maximum authorized mass of over 3,500 kg.

This obligation does not apply to:

  • mopeds;
  • motorcycles;
  • tricycles;
  • light quadricycles;
  • quadricycles;

as well as to:

  • tractors;
  • self-propelled machines.

If the vehicle has to have a technical inspection during the winter season, the driver must be prepared for the possibility of the rims and/or tires undergoing an approval procedure, especially if their dimensions do not correspond to those taken from the vehicle conformity certificate. In light of this, you should always bringing the technical documents for the installed rims and/or tires.

Remember, there is no”start”or “end” date for winter. Driving with winter tires is only needed if the weather and road conditions require it. It is mandatory to fit your car with 4 tires of the same type.