Windscreen repair

For front windshields we will first try to repair the glass. We offer this service without prior appointment.

If the damage site is not larger than a 2 euro coin, and is not in the driver’s field, the repair center can be professionally repaired by Autoglas. After our intervention the front screen will be in a guaranteed safety-technically perfect condition. Compared to a window replacement a repair is quickly, very cheap and environmentally friendly.

A small impact in the windshield often results in long cracks, which can be dangerous for you and your passengers. The cause is in small cracks that can grow by the movement of the body of the car. For example when driving on unevenness. With a local repair this situation can be prevented and a replacement of the glass is unnecessary.

When the windscreen is repaired, the small cracks and impact are filled with transparent resin and cured with light. This procedure is only possible for laminated safety glass panes.

With a front window repair you save not only time and money, but also a profit for the environment. With each repair we save about 10 – 15 kilograms of waste and thus 10-15 kg CO2.