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The leaders in glass repair and replacement!

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Autoglas is attentive to respecting the environment by promoting, when possible, the repair of shards on your windshield.

Reduce your Co2 impact with Autoglas.

We always give top priority to repairing chips rather than replacing the whole windshield. This is more economical for you and more environmentally friendly.
Don’t wait or you risk the crack getting bigger!

At Autoglas Luxembourg you can walk in
without an appointment to repair a chip in your windshield!

Repair your windshield in under an hour!

Don’t wait or you risk the crack getting bigger!

The repair will only take about 25 minutes.

During the windshield repair, the small cracks and point of impact are filled with transparent resin and hardened with light energy. This process is only possible with laminated safety glass windshields.

Price of windshield repair

If you’re insured, this option is usually free!

réparation d'un éclat de pare-brise

Repair is faster and cheaper than replacement and reduces the CO2 impact. After receiving our assistance, your windshield will be in perfect working condition.

Can my vehicle be repaired?​

The damaged area can be repaired provided that

  • The chip is no bigger than a 2 euro coin
  • The chip is not in the driver’s field of vision

What if a repair isn’t possible?

Book an appointment for a windshield replacement:

Why replace when you can repair?

réparation d'un éclat de pare-brise

A simple repair is sometimes the best solution: Cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

The automobile industry is one of the world’s biggest causes of pollution. Having said that, there are several solutions for minimizing automotive waste, such as recycling.

However, the windshield recycling process is not as simple as one might think. That’s why you should opt for windshield repair instead of replacement wherever possible.

This will make significant reductions to the amount of automobile waste as well as better protecting the environment.

Did you know?

A stone chip on the windshield can create long cracks that can be dangerous for you and your passengers.

This is due to small cracks that can grow with the movement of the bodywork, for example when driving on damaged road surfaces.

With a localized repair, this situation can be avoided and the windshield does not need replacing.

repair is more environmentally friendly

With each repair, we are able to save about 10 – 15 kilograms of waste and 50 kg of CO2.

Autoglas Luxemburg also offers other services

Windshield Repair (Walk-in chip repair)

Loan of a courtesy vehicle
(If available)

Approved for all insurances.
No advance payment