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Autoglas has selected the best tinting films for you

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Autoglas has a wide choice of colors and recognized installation quality. Autoglas Luxembourg is the exclusive concessionaire of the ARMOLAN, Suntek and Solar Screen International brands.

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The effectiveness of solar films is known to reduce vis-à-vis, heat but also glare due to the sun.

Tinted windows reduce the interior heat of your car and will protect your passengers against UV rays, they also prevent discoloration of the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

In addition, the aesthetics of your vehicle is improved with a nicer look.

The price is the same whether your film is light or dark. The heat reflection depends on the shade you choose:

  • 65% light gray tint is 35% translucent;
  • 75% medium gray tint is 25% translucent;
  • 85% dark gray tint is 15% translucent;
  • Tinted 95% black is only 5% translucent.

The light gray tinted film darkens your tinted windows a little further. Want complete privacy in your car? Choose black tinted film for completely tinted windows.

The installation of the tinted film requires a great experience. Here are the steps of a film installation:

  1. Window cleaning to optimize an optimal result
  2. Outdoor installation of the film in order to proceed with the cutting as well as the thermoforming of the film
  3. Preparation and cleaning of the interior side of the glass and final application of the film
  4. Evacuation of the installation product to guarantee permanent fixing
  5. Make the finishes in order to have an optimal result

Did you know ?

  • The films are custom cut by our technicians and adapt precisely to any vehicle model.
  • In terms of legislation, Autoglas takes care of everything to keep your vehicle up to standard.
  • Be aware that films are prohibited on the front windows of your vehicle as well as on your windshield
  • On your windshield we can only install a solar strip.
  • The films used by Autoglas are of very high quality, which guarantees a perfect result and a lifetime work guarantee.

We also offer a range of safety films offering you protection in the event of an accident or attack. With a greater thickness than a normal tinted film, safety films make it possible to further delay glass breakage and offer additional resistance.