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For your tinted windows: Trust the expert members of the Autoglas Luxemburg team

Autoglas Luxembourg is the exclusive dealer of ARMOLAN, Suntek, and Solar Screen International.

Tinted windows protect against heat

Tinting your car windows with high-quality tinted films reduces the heat generated by the sun in the vehicle,

which in turn reduces the need for air conditioning.

Tinted films reduce UV rays by up to 100%. In addition, they prevent premature discoloration of the interior.

Tinted windows deter theft

The lack of visibility in the vehicle deters thieves. In addition, in the event of burglary and broken windows, the debris remains attached together which makes theft even more complicated.

A selection of tinted films tailored to your needs

At Autoglas, you pay the same price whether your film is light or dark. The heat reflection depends on the shade you choose:

Tinted light gray 65% is 35% translucent;
Medium gray tint 75% is 25% translucent;
Dark grey tinted 85% is 1% translucent
Black tinted 95% is 5% transluent.

The light gray tinted film darkens your tinted windows slightly more. Want total privacy in your car? Choose the black tinted film for fully tinted windows.

How much do
tinted windows cost?

The price will depend on the type of car, the make, and the number of windows you want to tint. Ask us for a customized offer, without any obligation to buy. Ask us for a tailor-made, non-binding offer.

Additional Services

Recalibration of driver assistance cameras (ADAS)

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which feature on the latest generation of vehicles including commercial vehicles, guarantee comfort while driving and above all ensure the safety of road users.

Ozone disinfection powered by SANITY Systems

Sanycar not only eliminates odors, but also disinfects and protects against potential diseases and allergies. In addition to the bactericidal and fungicidal effect, the effective destruction of viruses (including COVID-19) has also been confirmed and certified.