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The leaders in glass repair and replacement!

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For your windshield: Repair or replacement?

Autoglas Luxembourg deals with all types of vehicles, from the most common cars on the road to the most prestigious.

Not only do we step in for all types of vehicles, brands, leasing companies, and insurance companies, but we also provide assistance to individuals.

The Autoglas Luxemburg

Autoglas luxembourg est présent sur le marché depuis 1992


Are you insured for damaged glass and windshield replacement?

Autoglas handles everything!


Autoglas takes care of the administrative work with your insurance company. You don’t have to do a thing.


Autoglas offers you a replacement vehicle while we are dealing with yours.
(If available)


Autoglas takes care of your vehicles. Whenever we provide assistance, the original quality is guaranteed whatever the glass.

Windshield Repair

Glass replacement

Tinted windows

Calibration of driver assistance cameras (ADAS)

Réparation de pare-brise ou remplacement avec Autoglas Luxembourg

Cracked windshield: Repair or replacement?

Wherever possible, Autoglas Luxembourg always favors windshield repair. This allows you to keep your costs down and reduce your waiting time while protecting the environment. If you’re insured, this option is usually free! If you’re insured, this option is usually free!

Glass replacement

Windshield and side and rear windows for all vehicle models: Cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, classic cars, special vehicles

Tinted windows

Choose from a large selection of automotive window films and benefit from an Autoglas lifetime guarantee.

Speak to Autoglas Luxemburg for information and advice.

Calibration of driver assistance cameras (ADAS)

Autoglas recalibrates your ADAS system after windshield replacement. We carry out this step in order to guarantee your safety. (Lane change and braking distance)

Find your nearest Autoglas Luxembourg
center now!

4 Autoglas centers in Luxembourg

Autoglas Bertrange

Tél: +352 290 150
43 Rue de Luxembourg
L – 8077 Bertrange

Autoglas Wemperhardt (Norden)

24 OP der HAART
L – 9999 Wäisswampech
Tél: +352 26 99 70 71

Autoglas Martelange

Rue de la stèle 4
B-6630 Martelange
Mob :+32 492 21 12 75
Tel :+352 290 150 24

Autoglas Roost (Colmar-Berg)

Tél: +352 81 11 48
6 Route de Luxembourg
L – 7759 Roost

Autoglas Martelange

Rue de la stèle 4
B-6630 Martelange
Mob :+32 492 21 12 75
Tel :+352 290 150 24

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Professional windscreen replacements

Professional windscreen replacement If you own a car, chances are you’re aware of the occasional damage that can occur to your vehicle’s windscreen. In this article, you will discover the different steps and the process followed by the professionals at Autoglas Luxembourg for windscreen replacement.

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Winter impact repair by Autoglas Luxembourg

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We accept
the following vehicles

Réparation de pare-brise ou remplacement chez Autoglas Luxembourg 


Prestigious and classic cars

Commercial vehicles


Buses and coaches

Construction machinery


Tinted windows

Choose from a large selection of automotive window films. Speak to Autoglas Luxemburg for information and advice.

Ozone disinfection powered by SANITY Systems

Sanycar not only eliminates odors, but also disinfects and protects against potential diseases and allergies. In addition to the bactericidal and fungicidal effect, the effective destruction of viruses (including COVID-19) has also been confirmed and certified.

Autoglas Luxemburg is
a member of Automotive Glass Europe (AGE)

A global network

Thanks to its unique network of the leading automotive glass service providers in Europe, AGE offers customized solutions to meet all your needs.

As a group, AGE provides professional and reliable auto glass repair services to private vehicle owners, insurance companies, rental vehicles, and corporate fleets. With a particular focus on customer satisfaction, it strives to provide a high-quality experience on a daily basis with its premium products.

Our work

Discover our wide range of services in pictures: Chip repair, glass replacement, ADAS recalibration, and glass tinting—to name but a few.


For our customer satisfaction, we work with the best brands around


For the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Autoglas Luxemburg is approved by the main insurance companies:

Lalux, Foyer, AXA, Baloise, Allianz, Touringlas


Autoglas Luxemburg is approved by many leasing companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the prevention and treatment of glass breakage:

Axus/ALD, LeasePlan, KBC, Cartrust, Athlon, Arval