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Regulatory windshields for your safety

Windshields are essential for vehicle safety, providing protection against external elements and reinforcing the car’s structure. The European Union, in collaboration with its member states, including Luxembourg, establishes strict safety standards for windshields. This article explores the regulations in force in the European Union and Luxembourg, highlighting safety criteria, control procedures, and certifications necessary to ensure compliance. Understanding these regulations is crucial for safe driving and choosing windshield repair and replacement providers that adhere to these standards.

European Union regulations for windshields

The European Union plays a central role in harmonizing safety standards for windshields of vehicles circulating within the European territory. In order to guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers, the EU has established a specific directive. This directive sets rigorous safety criteria that must be met by manufacturers, repairers, and vehicle owners.
The European directive imposes criteria for impact resistance, light transmission, visibility, as well as standards for weather resistance and mechanical stresses. These criteria aim to ensure adequate protection for vehicle occupants, optimal visibility for the driver, and structural resistance in the event of collisions or external impacts.

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Autoglas Luxembourg is involved in the replacement of windshields, side windows and rear windows for all vehicle models: cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, vintage cars, special vehicles.

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Des pare-brises réglementaires pour votre sécurité

At Autoglas Luxembourg, we are fully committed to respecting all the regulations in force in Luxembourg and we use regulatory windshields for your safety and thus guarantee the compliance of your vehicle.

Safety standards in Luxembourg for windshields

Our team of experts is trained and qualified to work according to Luxembourg’s standards and regulations regarding dimensions, resistance, light transmission, and windshield visibility. We use state-of-the-art equipment and windshield repair and replacement techniques that comply with these strict standards.
In addition, we regularly conduct internal checks to ensure that every windshield intervention complies with Luxembourg’s regulations. We also maintain close contact with the competent authorities to stay informed of any updates or modifications to the regulations.
When you choose Autoglas Luxembourg for your windshield service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be handled by professionals who scrupulously adhere to all Luxembourg regulations. We are committed to ensuring your safety and maintaining the compliance of your windshield according to the current standards.

Certifications and conformity markings

To attest to the compliance of a windshield with safety standards, specific certifications and conformity markings are required. Windshields that comply with European Union and Luxembourg standards must bear markings such as the ECE R43 marking, indicating compliance with visibility and light transmission requirements. Other specific symbols and markings may also be present to attest to impact resistance and mechanical stress. By choosing an authorized provider, such as Autoglas Luxembourg, that respects these certifications and conformity markings, you can be assured that your windshield meets the current safety standards.


By choosing an approved service provider such as Autoglas Luxembourg, who scrupulously respects these certifications and markings, you can be sure thatwe only use regulatory windshields for your safety.

Consequences of non-compliance with regulations

Non-compliance with windshield safety regulations and standards can have consequences both legally and for the safety of drivers and passengers. In Luxembourg, penalties and fines can be imposed for non-compliance with current regulations. It is important to comply with standards to avoid these legal issues. Furthermore, non-compliance with regulations can compromise the safety of vehicle occupants. A poor-quality or non-compliant windshield in terms of impact resistance may crack or break more easily during an accident, thereby increasing the risk of serious injuries for drivers and passengers. The safety of everyone depends on a windshield that is in good condition and complies with safety standards. This includes selecting a windshield repair and replacement service provider who is authorized and adheres to safety standards.

By choosing an approved service provider such as Autoglas Luxembourg, who scrupulously respects these certifications and markings, you can be sure thatwe only use regulatory windshields for your safety.
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