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Windshield repair at Autoglas Luxembourg

Act fast ! With these winter conditions, your windshield is more fragile.

Don’t wait and avoid the risk of the crack getting bigger !

Contact the Autoglas Luxembourg center closest to you without delay !

We always prefer to repair impacts, it is more economical for you and more respectful to the environment.


Windshield repair at Autoglas Luxembourg

Why do you have to act so quickly to repair a chip ?

The chip on your windshield can crack faster in winter weather conditions.

The time between the day of the damage and the intervention for the repair is essential for the final visual result.

In fact, weather changes impact and weaken the structure of the glass, which expands and contracts in the face of these temperature changes.

How does a chip evolve into a crack ?

An impact is a small hole in the glass. If water gets in there and freezes, ice will form in the impact. This will then be clogged and the ice will put pressure on the glazing and thus cause the crack !

In addition, whether in sunny, rainy or cold weather, this hole will eventually fill with dust that settles on the windshield and this will also have the effect of plugging the micro cracks of the impact.

autoglas bertrange-reparation-impact

Consequences on chip repair

During our intervention, we can then only clean the surface impact hole. This hole being necessary for the injection of the repair resin in depth, if the micro cracks are blocked, the resin cannot spread correctly and allow a quality repair.

Also, humidity causes delamination of the layers of glass which always begins with the surface hole and after repair the delaminated area leaves a cloudy effect in the transparency of the glass.

For an optimal repair at Autoglas Luxembourg

To avoid these phenomena and benefit from an optimal repair of the chip, it is preferable to act from the first days of the impact and if this is not possible, it is imperative to protect the surface hole from the impact using a piece of adhesive tape or a patch provided for this purpose provided free of charge by Autoglas Luxembourg.

Ask for your free patch to protect the shine of your windshield.

Apply the tablet to the flake, on the outside, to protect the impact from dirt while waiting for the repair.

In any case, whatever the final visual result, an impact repair is always effective and prevents it from deteriorating further and leading to the replacement of the windshield.

 If an impact occurs in your field of vision, the question does not arise : the windshield must be replaced

The damaged area can be repaired under these conditions :

  •  The impact is no bigger than a 2-euro coin
  •  The impact is not in the field of vision

Repair is not possible ?

Does your vehicle’s window need to be replaced ? Autoglas Luxemburg is at your disposal !

A fast service of the highest quality for the replacement of windows.

Whether it is a windshield of the side windows, rear windows or all other Glazing and this, for all vehicle models: Cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, vintage cars, special vehicles.

Due to modern logistics and a permanent stock of more than 1000 windscreens, we offer fast service.


Autoglas Luxembourg only uses original quality products. (Pilkington supplier, AGC Automotive, Sekurit Service, Glavista and Dow Automotive Systems)

Impact repair is walk-in and takes approximately 25 minutes

When repairing the windshield, small cracks and the place of impact are treated with specific repair resins. The repair is faster and less expensive than the replacement and reduces the CO₂ impact which is more respectful for the environment.

After our intervention, the windshield will regain its original solidity.

Usually free if you are insured !

With each repair we save around 10 – 15 kilograms of waste and 50 kg of CO₂ .

Why replace when you can repair ?

A simple repair is sometimes the best solution : less expensive, faster and ecological.

The automotive industry is one of the biggest causes of pollution in the world. However, several solutions exist to reduce automotive waste, such as recycling.

However, the windshield recycling process is not as simple as one might think. This is why it is necessary to opt, as far as possible, for the repair of the windshield instead of the replacement of it.

Thus, automotive waste will be greatly reduced and the environment will be better preserved.

réparation d'un éclat de pare-brise

Did you know ?

  • You can come without an appointment to have an impact on your windshield repaired !
  • Autoglas Luxembourg takes care of all types of vehicles, from the most common to the most prestigious.
  • We intervene for all types of vehicles, all brands, all leasing companies, all insurance companies but also for individuals.